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Dragon Boating

Dragon Boating

Paddle Hard

Originating in south central China more than 2500 years ago, dragon boating has a rich background of ancient ceremonies and rituals. Over the centuries, it grew as a sport in Hong Kong, landing in Canada in as part of Expo 86 when Hong Kong sent six boats to Vancouver, BC to help celebrate the world’s fair.
Enthusiasm for the challenging and fun sport spread quickly in waterways across the country, including annual events like the Toronto Island Dragon Boat Festival. Of course, the lakefront Boulevard Club was all in by 2012, forming its own team—the Boulevard Blazers.
In addition to camaraderie and team spirit, our Dragon Boat Program offers:

  • Dedicated on-the-water and dry-land coaches who provide goals and focus during weekly practices

  • Challenging races, including the Toronto Island Dragon Boat Festival

  • Off-season dry land fitness training and stroke improvement sessions

  • Two mixed teams: competitive and recreational