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Guests of members are welcome at The Boulevard Club. To ensure safety and security, guests must be accompanied by a Boulevard Club member.

And while The Boulevard Club offers a relaxed and inviting environment, please note that it’s a private club with certain guidelines in place to ensure everyone’s enjoyment. Members and their guests are kindly asked to adhere to the following policies.

Mobile devices may only be used in walkway areas, the Business Centre, and reception areas. To help ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone, guests are asked to turn digital devices off or to "silent/vibrate" mode while in the Club.

The dress code for Harbour Dining Room is smart casual. Dark denim is permitted. Dress is casual in other areas of the Club. Swimming attire is permitted in the swimming pool areas, the boat docks, the lawn, and locker rooms. In all other areas, swimming attire must be covered up.

  1. Rowboats, canoes, ferries, and freighters have the right of way over sailboats and/or recreational power boats at all times.

  2. All boats—including tenders ferrying people between moorings and/or docks and the shore—must comply with the recommendations of the Boating Safety Guide issued by Transport Canada. In addition, where applicable, all Club safety rules must be obeyed.

  3. Club Coach Boats and Committee Boats must be operated at all times in accordance with the Toronto Harbour Commission regulations. The operator must have permission from Club management prior to operation and be accompanied by a member of the Dock Staff. The operator must hold a current and valid Toronto Harbour license, a P.C.O.C. card and the VHF Maritime Operator’s License.

  4. It is the operator’s responsibility to ensure that all safety equipment is aboard prior to leaving the dock. Our Dock Staff do not carry out emergency rescues but will inform the proper authorities to assist boaters in peril.

  5. As a courtesy, The Boulevard Club will perform periodic mooring safety checks and advise the boat owner of the deficiencies.  It is the responsibility of the boat owner to correct the identified deficiencies.

  6. Caution is to be used when entering and exiting the mooring or docking area.