With the support of The Boulevard Club, 2017 has seen this organization prosper with:
• Introduction to a like provider
• Move to a better location to serve clients
• Monthly serving have increased from 3000 to 4300 people
• With The Boulevard Club’s support, Parkdale Community Food Bank are now able to buy more milk, eggs, meats, and other nourishment that was desperately needed.
To The Boulevard Club,
On behalf of the Parkdale Community Foodbank, we want to thank The Boulevard Club for the tremendous support you have been giving us.  With your Members generosity, we have been able to move into our new location that better serves our clients.  We are now able to buy more milk, eggs, meats, and other nourishment we had been falling short of on a monthly basis.

Our clients come from all walks of life. We serve many families, new immigrants, physically and mentally disabled, seniors, and many short term clients just trying to get back on their feet.  We have seen an increase of servings since we moved into our new space.  Our monthly servings went from 3000 to 4300. This means we serve 4,300 men, women and children every month.

Our mission is to “Feed the neighbourhood with dignity, love, and respect”.  God bless all that you have done!
 With great appreciation, the entire staff, volunteers, & board of directors of The Parkdale Community Foodbank

June 2017. Tennis presented a cheque for $5,050 to the Parkdale Food Bank. This was generously collected by The Boulevard Club Tennis Members during their Winter Tennis Charity Calcutta this year. Boulevard Club gets awarded a thank you plaque for the Club's continued support.

September 2017.  Sunnyside Paddling Club gave The Boulevard Club a cheque for $690, which was given to the Parkdale Community Food Bank.  The paddlers of Thunderstruck and Dragon's Abreast teams were displaced this Summer with the high water levels.  They were able to use The Boulevard Club. As a 'thank you' they collected from their team members and gave to one of our charities of choice.  Thank you Sunnyside Paddling Club!

December 2017.  Gala cheque presentation for $12,500 to the Parkdale Food Bank.  These funds were generously donated from the Members of The Boulevard Club!