Club History
For 114 years, there has been a place on the lakeshore devoted to athletic endeavour and a  sense of community that is truly unique.
It all started August 11th, 1905 with a Membership of 43 men. These men had been meeting in a shack on the Humber River, but it was too small.  They then moved to Mrs. Meyers property at 1801 Lakeshore Drive. She had a Banquet and Refreshment Parlour.  Mrs. Meyers property also had a boathouse.  This group of paddlers, officially started the Parkdale Canoe Club, setting in motion the hundred plus years of history, activity and memories.
The Club  moved to its current location at 1491 Lakeshore Boulevard West only a few years later. If you were to have stood a hundred years ago on the very spot where The Boulevard Club now makes its home, you would have been roughly 500 feet out in Lake Ontario.  During that time, the shoreline of the lake began roughly in the middle of what is now the Gardiner Expressway, with only the smallest of beaches before one reached the water.

Canoe racing (paddling) was the most popular recreational sport 100 years ago. For some families, it was a pleasant way to traverse the waters of the Humber River, or venture into the vast expanse of Lake Ontario. Numerous boathouses, some with restaurants, or the newly popular ice-cream parlours, lined the shore. There were also those who preferred more athletic activities that offered a competitive edge. Sports gradually started to become more diverse.

One of the earliest memorable historic moments was December, 1909, when the very first Grey Cup game was played at Rosedale Field. The teams: University of Toronto vs Parkdale Canoe Club of Toronto (now The Boulevard Club). In the Summer of 1928 was another such moment as the Parkdale Canoe Club took six first place wins during the regatta season.
In 1928, the day the New York Stock Exchange started its downward slide and would usher in the Great Depression. It was during this time, for a number of years, that the Club struggled and was saved by its Members.  It became The Boulevard Club in 1935.
Today, the emphasis is on family activity as The Boulevard Club continues to keep pace with the dynamic of the world around us. The Club is a modern and dynamic organization offering swimming, tennis, fitness, group lessons and private, badminton, fencing, karate, boating - power and sail, and a full range of lakefront activities including stand-up paddle boarding, rowing, dragon boating and canoeing.

There have been four fires that devastated the Club. A Great Depression. Two World Wars. An ice storm. Nothing has been able to stop the Boulevard Club in its pursuit of fun, fellowship and sportsmanship. There have been good times, there have been tough times, but in the end, the members have always triumphed.

Vision Statement
Our Waterfront Oasis in the City

Mission Statement
Our Members are a Community on the Waterfront.
Inspired by our History, we Foster an Active and Social Environment.